Tourist Guide

Cozumel is located on an island, between the extreme coordinates, north 20 degrees 36 ', south 20 degrees 16' north latitude; to the east 86 degrees 44 'and west 87 degrees 20' west longitude.

Has a total extension 647.33 km² which represents 1.27% of the state. It includes the island of Cozumel, adjacent islets and cays, the island is about 39 km long and an average width of 12.8 km. It constitutes a plain without significant elevations, which do not reach more than 20 meters in height.

There are no surface water currents due to the permeability of the soil. In the southern zone, there are marine water inlets, known as lagoons, called Laguna Colombia, Laguna Ciega and Chankanab, all of which are brackish water. You have some fresh water cenotes. The climate is hot humid with abundant rains in summer.

Cozumel offers endless options for dining, shopping and sightseeing. Even visitors with only a few hours of transit time can taste Cozumel's unique culture at nearby attractions, there are plenty of shopping opportunities available at shopping plazas and local markets.

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